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Clinical Pilates Reformer Classes

Reformer Pilates / Exercise Physiology Group Classes

Who Can Benefit From Trying Reformer Based EP (Exercise Physiology) Classes?

- Pregnancy & Post Natal

- Back Pain

- Injury Prevention (Programs can be tailored to work on specifics like ACL strengthening, ankle stability etc)

- Injury Rehab (Including exercises to work eccentrically, which is the best for tendon loading!)

- Returning to exercise after surgery (Work on increasing your range of movement and focus on control & quality of movement)

- People needing to work on low impact exercise (Including those with pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse, hernias or pelvic pain)

- People with non-weight bearing status (We can unload by reducing the spring tension, allowing the body a great entry point for rehab. We have also had wheelchair based clients use the reformer, but often its best done in an individual session)

 How does EP supervised classes differ from other reformer classes?

- Individualised to suit your injuries or health concerns.

- Supervised by an Exercise Physiologist (Health Fund Rebates Apply)

- Work on your specific goals, with the exercises you love

- Learn the technique of each exercise at your own pace

- Interact during the session, ask Emily questions if you need to.

- Incorporate the reformer, as well as general resistance training exercises (such as body weight or dumbbell exercises) and relaxation/mindfulness.


Each participant must undergo an individual initial assessment prior to joining the group. In this session we can discuss any injuries or conditions you have, and introduce you to the reformer and your exercise program.


For hygiene and safety, please wear grippy socks during your sessions. These can be purchased at reception. 


Initial Assessment  $92.00

2:1  Casual 45 mins  $45.00 

5 x 2:1 Pack   10% discount (30min $157.50, 45min $202.50)

10 x 2:1 Pack 20% discount (30min $280.00, 45min $360.00)


Price for Individual Exercise Physiology Sessions (Reformer Based, At The Stables)

Initial Assessment $92.00

1 Consult (45min)  $75.00

1 Consult (30min)  $67.00

5x Consult Pack  10% discount (30min $292.50, 45min $337.50)

10x Consult Pack 20% discount (30min $520.00, 45min $600.00)

Private Health Fund Rebates May Apply

Please contact us to book your initial assessment on 08 7325 6600

Small group classes that incorporate the reformer are also available.

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