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The popularity of running as a form of exercise continues to soar year after year. Yet despite advancements in technology and availability of information, injury rates continue to remain at similar levels.

Despite the physical and mental benefits of running, 1 in 4 injured runners will still choose never to run again based on the assumption that because they are injured running must be bad for their body.

Little could be further from the truth.


Running injuries generally occur 3-6 weeks after a ‘training error’ – so a detailed history or all aspects of your training program is important to determine why your injury has occurred.

Factors we will look at include:

  • Training volume
  • Training frequency
  • Changes in pace
  • Changes in terrain
  • Footwear
  • Previous history of injury
  • Other types of training you do ie crossfit
  • Running gait analysis if required


Where most physio rehab programs fail is that they ask a runner to rest initially and then return them to pre-injury training levels only for the injury to re-occur. This is called a boom-bust cycle.

At MLPP we can guide you through a graduated return to running and in many cases often avoid a need to rest completely.

There will often be a need for a strength based rehab program, but simple exercises can make a huge difference in returning you to running sooner and keeping you out on the road injury free.


Our running physio, Craig Ellis has completed both the Adelaide and New York Marathons in 2018 as well as several half marathons and the Greenbelt 30km challenge. He remains in training for further events in 2021.

As well as his own experience with running he has sought extensive further study in managing and treating running injuries.

Most importantly, he will understand you ! No matter what your training volume, or goal, he will be able to work with you to achieve it.


A range of services are available at MLPP for runners of all abilities and injuries:

Running assessments: Perfect for those ongoing niggling injuries that you feel during or after a run, or for a recurring injury in the same spot. A 2 session analysis of your running on a treadmill. Also great if you simply want to get faster !

In rooms treatment: If you have an acute injury some hands on will be required to address soft tissues directly and indirectly related to your injury.

Gym Rehab Programs: ALL running injuries need strength based rehab. Even if you don’t have a gym membership we can help you rehab at our Partner 'Benefitness' @ Fairview Park.

General Strength programs: Not injured but just not moving as well as you'd like? Runners need strength but often strength based exercises. Some resistance exercises can make a huge difference to your running.

Running Program Assessment: Need advice on building a sensible and effective program that will keep you away from injury? Bring your running diary or program in and get advice on how to progress without overloading yourself.

Learn to Run: Want to run but no idea where to start? Our physio Craig can give you guidance on a sensible Couch-5km program but also actually teach you how to run ! It's not quite as simple as one foot in front of the other but it can be with the right guidance.

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