7 Tips for Exercising in Winter

7 Tips For Exercising in the Winter

- Emily Turnbull, Exercise Physiologist


1.Wear bright colours

I know that black can be flattering, but it’s not safe. If its dark, gloomy or raining, it’s best to wear bright colours to make sure you are visible to others, especially drivers and cyclists.


2. Dress Dry

Instead of wearing fabrics that soak up water, such as cotton, it’s best to opt for material like lycra, nylon or polyester to keep you dry. Wear a water resistant coat such as a thin, lightweight jacket shown below.

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3. It’s about the layers, not the thickness

Try to avoid wearing bulky jackets, layering is much better. Wear a base layer that is moisture-wicking, a middle layer with a bit of warmth if needed, and a top layer that acts as a ‘shell’ or windbreaker.


4. Protect your skin

Wind and UV will still wreak havoc in the winter, so remember to wear sunscreen during the day and moisturise. Vitamin D is still important, so try to catch some sunlight in the winter wherever possible, but still be sensible.


5. Check your shoes

Tracks get slippery, so make sure you are wearing suitable shoes with enough traction to prevent you from slipping!


6. Setup an indoor space

There will be days when outdoor exercise is just not on the cards, so make sure you have a backup plan. Setup a space indoors or undercover, and be prepared with a home exercise program to follow.


7. Enlist a friend

It’s easy to stay in bed when its cold in the morning, and it’s easy to sit by the fire at night. So enlist a friend to join you to help you stay accountable.

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