The future of healthcare; how technology is advancing and a snapshot at some cool gadgets

The future of healthcare; how technology is advancing and a snapshot at some cool gadgets.

- Emily Turnbull, Exercise Physiologist

We have moved into a new decade, and technology has well and truly worked it’s way into the fitness industry. I was reading an article today from our ESSA magazine that highlighted some of the pieces of technology to look out for, so I really wanted to share some with you! I find this an interesting topic, as I have always been a fan of keeping things simple with exercise – do we really need to know all the stats or can we just tune into how our body feels? Jane Fonda workouts still do the trick right?

With that said – I am a sucker for my heartrate monitor and checking to see if my session is up to scratch, or how far I walked/rode. The downside for me, sometimes I have found myself skipping a workout when my watch is flat, which really makes no sense – my body still gets the benefit even if it’s not recorded on my fitbit!

Anyhow, if you have tried any of these gadgets please let me know, I would love to hear your experience.


  1. Water Bottles that track consumption – for those looking to increase their hydration levels, these water bottles now come with a sensor (often paired to an app) which will glow or vibrate to remind you to drink up!
  2. Heart Rate Monitors in-ear – Yep, earphones that measure your heart rate while pumping out your favourite beats.
  3. Smart Socks – socks that monitor step count, speed, calories, altitude, distance, and some even track your landing technique/impact levels! I wonder how stylish they look…
  4. Sensor fitted clothing- basically the same as the socks mentioned above, but sensors are fitting to tshirts, pants, bras etc.
  5. Equipment Sensors – instead of you wearing the device, it gets fitted to the equipment you are using. I recently purchased these for my husband’s golf clubs so I will get back to you on this one!
  6. Exercise desks – sitting on fitballs and sit-to-stand desks are sooooo 2010’s… make way for the exercise bike desk, fitted with pedals for you to push while you type!
  7. Virtual Fitness – we are seeing a big trend in all things VIRTUAL fitness. Audio workouts, VR experiences (like Wii Fit, but better..) and fitness on demand (virtual group fitness classes). On this note, I would also like to mention apps like ‘Pokemon Go’ which also saw a big increase in activity levels. Virtual reality is a really interesting concept at the moment, which is currently being trialed clinically in pain management, but also used for educational purposes to help us professionals feel more confident in real life scenarios!
  8. Telehealth – I LOVE this! Australia is such a big country that rural/remote areas often experience poor healthcare. Telehealth is the term we are using for consults via digital technology- just think, you book in for a 9am balance class, but it’s as easy as turning on the ipad and answering a video call from me! No excuses…
  9. Robotic Surgeries - this has been progressing with time from open surgeries, to arthroscopic, now we are seeing laser surgery and robotic surgery too!
  10. 3D printing - I still do not have a clue how this works, but apparently we are printing bones, prosthetics and even tiny organs now!


Let’s hope with all these digital trends that my job still exists by 2030!

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