Top Tips for Staying Healthy This Silly Season!

Top Tips for Staying Healthy This Silly Season!

- Emily Turnbull (Sando), Exercise Physiologist

Can you believe we are approaching the end of another year?! As we all celebrate with countless Christmas parties, and ring in the roaring 20's , I thought I would share some simple tips for making sure your health doesn't get too out of control.


  1. Dance – most parties have music, so why not dance? Dancing is a great form of exercise. It might be while you are in the kitchen baking, or getting on the dancefloor on new years eve.
  2. Fill your plate with nutritious options – Be weary of gravy and sauces, and filling your plate with crackling or stuffing. Try to make sure half your plate is full of vegetables or salads.
  3. Have meaningful conversations with people around you - Christmas can be a really hard time of year for people who are struggling. It can be incredibly lonely or stressful. Reach out to those you love, or those you think might be vulnerable and let them know you care. 
  4. Get rid of the leftovers – once Christmas is done, get rid of the leftovers! Send some home with your guests, give some to the dog, or even share with your neighbours or those less fortunate. Either way, it’s not great to be eating Christmas pudding everyday for 2 weeks. Don’t let the day snowball!
  5. Get active with the family – challenge your family and friends to backyard cricket or ping pong, or even darts. Anything that gets you up and moving around is great! If you are on holiday then go for a walk and explore.
  6. Stress Less - ask for help if you feel overwhelmed, or opt for your favourite stress buster activities (walking, meditation or a good laugh). The silly season is about catching up with friends and family, not about having every ornament in the perfect place on the tree.  "Those that matter dont mind, and those that mind dont matter"
  7. Enjoy the traditions and savour it – Christmas is a time to enjoy our traditions with friends and family, so don’t feel like you need to be too strict on your diet. Allow yourself to indulge in your favourite Christmas foods, just remember- everything in moderation.
  8. Reflect, Reassess and Reset - For some reason the end of a year is a great time to reflect, and the start of the year feels like a clean slate. Set some goals for 2020, and better yet, make a plan to achieve them.

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