Winter Wellness

A Strong Immune System....Naturally.

Winter is well and truly here and now is the perfect time to have a Naturopathic check up to ensure that you and your family are fighting fit for the remaining winter months.

Having a plan in place to reduce susceptibility to viral infection and knowing what to do if symptoms present can make all the difference when it comes to fighting dreaded winter bugs! So, for the remainder of July, any Naturopathic appointments looking to address winter immunity will be offered at 50% off the normal consultation rates. 

If your household has already been hit (and you have children), the two week school holiday break is the perfect time to re build the immune system and get your little cherubs ready for term 3.

Simple nutritional and or herbal supplementation can give the immune system the boost it needs.....meaning less days off school for them and less days off work for you too!

Have fussy children? No problem! With 20 years clinical experience addressing the needs of children , our Naturopath knows how to help you help them. Simple diet hacks, lifestyle tweaks and tasteless or child friendly flavoured practitioner only supplements are quick and easy to administer and can often be mixed into food or drink without a trace! So, if your family needs a little help to stay well, come in and have a chat with our Naturopath Lee-Ann Fitzpatrick and come away with some simple tools to see you and your family cruise through the winter months. Don’t want to bring your children in for an appointment? No problem.....additional after hours Naturopathic appointments available for the school holidays. .....But if you would like to bring them in, our clinic is family friendly and we have a few toys to entertain them but feel free to bring along what you know will help grab their attention so you can concentrate on the information at hand. Please call reception on 7325 6600 to book your winter wellness appointment.

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