Are you sure it is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a common term used to describe pain caused by inflammation and/or compression of the nerve roots in the Lower back. Pain often tends to be present in the buttock, travelling down the back of the thigh, leg, into the ankle and foot. It is referred to as sciatica because the symptoms tend to be in the distribution of one of the major nerves which supplies the thigh, leg and the foot called the Sciatic nerve.

Telltale signs of Sciatica:

  1. Pain in the Buttock area and Low back
  2. Pain tends to be Worse in the leg than the lower back and worst below the knee.
  3. The pain experienced can be quite intense.
  4. Along with the pain you can also have other associated symptoms like pins and needles, buzzing, running water, insects crawling, hot legs and cold legs.
  5. There can be changes in skin sensation in the thighs and legs. You can also experience specific muscle weakness in the legs on the affected side. 

Sciatica is a treatable condition and the earlier you get to it, the better the outcome.

Are you experiencing any of the above symptoms or are not sure?

Discuss with a professional like your Physiotherapist.