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Predicting injury before it happens! How far is it possible?

Do you need a crystal ball to detect an injury that hasn't yet occurred?

The way an injury results is dependent on so many factors that it's literally impossible to predict if someone will or will not suffer injury through running.

BUT we can definitely predict WHERE you are most likely to suffer injury if one does occur.

Factors like ...

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Biomechanics
  • Physical make up
  • Running form

... all determine where we are likely to get injured.

By doing a Running Analysis we can slow down footage of a runner's technique and quite easily see where their areas of high impact are going to be.

All running injuries occur when our foot is in contact with the ground. A running analysis should focus not only on where your foot hits the ground but what happens whilst it's in contact with the ground. 

Given 1 in 4 injured runners will never run again, knowing how you run and therefore knowing how you might 'crystal ball' an injury could be life-changing!

Most of us don't know how we run so if you are trying to get those KMs up a Running Analysis is a great starting point.