Office worker stretching

Did you know that Prehab is better than Rehab?

Prehab is a new approach to injury management and surgery management which has had a big push in the past 5-10 years. This approach is proactive and a way to try and minimise pain and injury.

Most of the evidence around prehab was specific for prior to surgery prehabilitation, which shows good effects for a 4–6 week exercise program on post operative recovery. Increases in function, the timeline of recovery and decreases in pain are just some of the benefits. In some cases, Prehab has delayed surgery or even stopped the need for surgery all together!

Prehab isn’t just for individuals with surgery upcoming though, it can be applied to anyone. Some examples might be:

  • An officer worker that needs to get up and down from their desk a lot for work. Performing a squat or sit to stand exercise will gain needed movement control and strength in that position.
  • In soccer a specific warm up called the FIFA 11+ program is a very good prehab / preventative program. This is a combination of movement, control and strengthening exercises which can be uses at training as a warmup.
  • A sports person that had niggles throughout the season then instead of just resting in the off season for it to come back, getting a specific program to help address the cause of the niggles.

If you have any niggles or are interested on how prehab might work for you chat to an exercise physiologist or Physiotherapist. Remember prehab is always better then rehab!