Tennis Elbow

Do you suffer from pain on the outside of your elbow?

Are you experiencing pain on the outside of your elbow? You may be dealing with a case of tennis elbow (lateral elbow tendinopathy). It is a common injury to the forearm muscles, which occurs from overuse or repeated action from the hand and wrist.

Funnily enough, it occurs in just 5% of tennis players and is much more prevalent in occupations such as manual labour, office-based work or even after a busy weekend in the garden.

So how can we serve ourselves better to overcome tennis elbow?

Physiotherapy is considered the most cost-effective solution in reducing symptoms and getting back to the things we enjoy.

  • Education: Regarding the timeframe of the condition, goal setting and activity modification in the short term.
  • Exercise Therapy: To increase the capacity of the muscles and tendons around the elbow.
  • Manual Therapy: Massage and dry needling can be beneficial to the surrounding muscles of the forearm.
  • Taping: Rigid taping to offload the tendon and reduce pain.