Strength training children

Is strength training safe for my child?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “weight training will stunt your child’s growth or damage their bones?

This is a very common misconception, with new research showing the opposite. It suggests that resistance training can be beneficial for your growing teen's health and body when done correctly and safely.

Here are just some of the many benefits of resistance training:

  • Increasing muscle and bone strength
  • Improving cardiovascular fitness and recovery
  • Reducing the prevalence of childhood obesity
  • Increasing sport performance
  • Building great habits to remain physically fit

Strength training for children is an overall safe way to get fit with a very few risks. All children should be encouraged to exercise, and it doesn’t have to be a difficult process.

At My Local Physio Plus, our team will ensure exercise prescription is safe, effective, and specific, to ensure your children can achieve their goals.

The Youth Exercise Class can be a great introduction to resistance training, which includes the use of free weights, body weight, resistance bands and machines.