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Netball Rehabilitation and Performance

The partnership of My Local Physio Plus and JT Performance Centre gives our patients an advanced working relationship in athlete rehabilitation and development. This allows a tailored approach from acute injury management, to returning to sport and into athletic development.

The team at both My Local Physio Sport and JT Performance Centre will give you an individual approach using the latest evidence and knowledge to collaborate in providing the best care for you. This results in a full “end to end” service for athletes to return to their goals and improve overall performance.

An example of this end to end athlete management can be seen with a recent young athlete who attended My Local Physio Plus following an ACL injury during netball. The athlete first attended the practice for prehabilitation in preparation for surgery and then for rehabilitation post-surgery. An individual program which was adapted throughout the athletes 11 month rehab followed the lasted evidence together with criterion based ACL guides resulted in a successful return to netball. The patient was referred to JT Performance Centre to continue progressions of their rehabilitation program with a more specific athlete development focus around speed and change of direction. Both the physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coach worked in collaboration to highlight the athletes’ goals and deficiencies to implement a program for continued athlete development.