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Strength Training in Kids - is it safe?

‘Is it safe for my child use weights?’ is a question that parents may often ask. Typically, people may say that ‘it stunts growth’ in kids and will advise against it. According to current evidence, this is not true. In fact, weight/resistance training in kids is beneficial.

If you’re wondering how young is too young to do weight training, the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association state that “the youngest a child should commence resistance training is at 6 years of age provided they have the maturity to follow clear instructions and an appreciation of the dangers present when training’”.

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that resistance training and weightlifting in kids is harmful for growth of adolescents and children. In fact, a research article found that over an 8-week period, boys and girls who did a 2 x weekly resistance program showed strength gains and improvements in body composition. It also found strength training can increase basic motor skills. Therefore, it may be beneficial to prevent injuries and enhance athletic performance!

However, there is a link between injury and improper lifting technique, lack of supervision and an inability to follow instructions. This needs to be considered before commencing any resistance training.