Running Injury v2

Why doesn't rest help me?

Time heals all wounds - but does it?

When we are injured, we experience pain - and that pain often tells us 'we shouldn't do that'.

However, it is often the fear of not knowing what the pain is that drives this belief. Injuries are statistically far more painful if we are 'worried about damage'.

But what happens if we just rest?

  • Muscles become weaker and shorter.
  • Our joints are therefore less able to withstand load.
  • We reduce the rate of the process that many soft tissues need to 'recover’.

So, rest actually does little to prepare our body for return to activity.

We also know without doubt that there is a very poor correlation between pain and pathology. So, your pain may not be damaging at all!!

Whilst management plans that reduce activity can be frustrating, an 'all or nothing' approach is often counterproductive short and long term.

Time heals all wounds - until it doesn't.