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We are super excited and proud to be able to provide a dedicated and focused program across all facets of sports injury assessment, treatment, rehab and performance - to not just return to doing what you love, but in a stronger and more educated way to compete or train at your best.

The Head of My Local Physio Sport, Cameron Craig – an athlete in his own right is supported by a Physiotherapy team that all have significant experience in sport and fitness – both on the field as well as in the clinic room or gym!

The Athlete Performance and Rehab program includes a range of assessments, programs and partnerships, that collectively provide a one-stop-shop to attend to that unfortunate injury, a little niggle or simply if you are wanting to know where you can improve your performance whilst getting stronger and more educated to prevent future injuries.

Whether it is pre-season, during season or post season to get ready for the next season, there is never the perfect time to start improving your performance – you simply just need to start with an appointment with one of the Physio’s at My Local Physio Sport and let them work with you on your goals and determine a program that is tailored to your challenges.


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Our programs and services

At My Local Physio Sport, our goal doesn’t change from that of My Local Physio Plus – to Help Our Community Live Better. In this case, it involves the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention management of sports injuries that provides individualised rehab to successfully return to sport at your optimum level and with an understanding of what it will take to prevent future injuries to stay doing what you love.

Physiotherapist Cam has undertaken training through Netball Australia to become accredited within the Netball Knee Program.

For control, strength, function, flexibility, range of motion and risk of injury, that culminates in an outcomes report with tailored program or rehabilitation to work in with your respective Coaches and / or strength and conditioning needs. This can be for day one of pre-season or return to play screening during the year, it’s never too late to get expert advice to stay on the court or field. Our athlete screening is a 40 minute assessment and measurement of baseline capabilities and strength. 

Our Athlete Performance and Rehab program is tailored for you and your sport to ensure you are at your peak performance.

As an athlete competing in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, our team can help ensure you are able to perform at your best in trainings and games. Speed, agility, and strength are each athlete’s most important tools, and as the lengthy season progresses, deficiencies in these areas often arise. This can reduce your time on the pitch, field, court, or stage– something every athlete wants to avoid. Our experienced team can assist in identifying the cause of these deficiencies and work with you to maximise your time performing at your peak.

 Benefits of our Athlete Performance and Rehab program include:

  • Individualised programs suitable for pre, during and post season
  • Management of existing injuries and niggles
  • Increased strength to prevent future injuries
  • Enhanced confidence in your body
  • Greater performance and longevity competing

View our complete Athlete Performance Program here.

For assessment of training load, training errors, muscle imbalances and running technique, that culminates in a tailored program and technique advice for performance and injury prevention.

Running assessments are available at My Local Physio Plus - Ridgehaven with our running physio Eden Snaith.

Running is a great way to keep fit and active however 1 in 4 injured runners unfortunately choose never to run again. Given up to 90% of all runners will experience an injury at some point in their training life it’s important to remember injury setbacks are normal and can easily be managed.

Running assessments can help identify training errors, technique errors or muscle strength deficits that may be contributing to your injury. 

A running assessment may be beneficial:

  • If you have an injury from running
  • If you have an injury from team sport
  • If you suffer ongoing tightness with running
  • To improve your technique
  • To reduce your risk of future injury

Eden grew up playing a range of sports, including athletics, and began competing in sprint events in 2016. Eden completed his Bachelor Degree in Exercise and Sport Science and has an interest in running analysis and form. Through his own experience in athletics, Eden can offer understanding and guidance on the best management of your training program.

To book a running assessment appointment choose from the below options:



We are partnered with JT Performance to provide patients an “end to end” sports injury management and return to sport program to get you Back to Your Peak Performance. This partnership means that our patients can return to sport through a jointly developed strength and conditioning program with JT Performance.

JT Performance is one of the leading High-Performance Centres in South Australia. With elite level facilities, equipment, training, rehabilitation, and recovery services to athletes of all sports, from amateur to professional level. 

The JT Performance Team consists of a range of highly qualified and highly experienced professionals including Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Exercise & Sport Scientists and Sports Dietitian. 

The Coaches at JT Performance are highly experienced and currently hold roles with elite sporting teams such as Adelaide Crows SANFL, Adelaide Thunderbirds, Glenelg Football Club & Central District Lions NBL1 Men and have worked with Socceroos, AFL, AFLW, A-League, WWE & NBL Athletes.

Whether you’re a beginner in the gym or a professional athlete…

JT Performance provides you with nothing but the best, so you can produce nothing but YOUR best.

Exclusive Sports Partnership between My Local Physio Sport and JT Performance

My Local Physio Sport and JT Performance have partnered exclusively together to provide an integrated Physio and Strength & Conditioning program designed to help guide you through your rehabilitation process, whilst still maintaining your strength and fitness.

Whether it’s an injury or a niggle that’s keeping you from competing or training at your best, we can provide the appropriate program for you. The Physios at My local Physio Sport will assess and treat the injury and create your recovery plan while the team at JT Performance will provide you with an individualised training program to help you return to sport. The integrated rehab approach means that both teams will remain connected to support you through the process from rehab to performance. 

The Rehab Membership at JT Performance will give you all-inclusive and unlimited access to all services, including all training sessions and recovery services. Our jointly integrated rehab program is available to all My Local Physio Sport client's and JT Performance members.

JT Performance members receive 10% off Physiotherapy across all our clinics.

Speak to a member of the My Local Physio Sport team about our exclusive membership offer with JT Performance.

Learn more about JT Performance here. 

Located at 341 Hancock Road, Fairview Park, My Local Physio Sport provides Physiotherapy services from a dedicated clinic room on site. With two levels of state-of-the-art fitness equipment and facilities, our Physio’s provide in room treatment as well as direct rehab-based exercises on-site to guide and assess your rehabilitation.

My Local Physio Plus exclusively partners with local gym Benefitness & Health Centre. This partnership with Benefitness & Health Centre allows My Local Physio Plus to help individuals with in-depth gym-based rehabilitation, specific strength programs and group classes. Using the newest technology and exercise equipment available at Benefitness & Health Centre, patients are treated with the best care with gym-based interventions. 

My Local Physio Plus has Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Massage services on site. We can help individuals in a gym environment in a number of ways, including:

  • Those with injuries return to the gym environment in a safe manner.
  • Those that need help with setting up a gym program, advising them to use the right equipment and how to use it correctly
  • Those that have current gym programs that want correct cueing of technique or progressions of exercises.
  • Those that want pre/post gym session treatments.

If you are an existing Benefitness gym member simply show your Benefitness & Health Centre membership when you book in for a Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology or Massage appointment and receive 10% off!

If you are interested in joining Benefitness, My Local Physio Plus clients are eligible for a discount on Membership - speak to our receptionists for more information.

Complimentary Initial Consultation

Is it your first time in the gym? Are you unsure of what you can or should be doing? Are you nervous about an existing injury or condition?

If you are a Benefitness Member you can claim a complimentary 15 minute Initial Consultation with our Senior Exercise Physiologist, Chris Casiero.

Chris, our Exercise Physiologist, can talk through your medical history and any existing barriers, your personal goals and how he can help you achieve them in a gym setting.

Register your details below to receive more information. 

Find the Benefitness website here.

At My Local Physio Plus, we are extremely proud of the athletes, teams, clubs and associations we support, providing both on site and in-clinic injury treatment and rehab support. Our Sports Physiotherapists also provide education sessions on taping, warm-up routines and general injury prevention awareness. Make contact with us and we can schedule in a time to present!

We know it is not easy to keep clubs alive, so we are super proud to financially support where we can, and we encourage you to get in touch for a private discussion on where we can help with sponsorship support!

Contact us to find out more!

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